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Freshcatch, Inc. (FCI) is a Philippine based retail/wholesale store of imported and locally frozen fresh products which officially started in March 2008. The company primarily distributes and markets frozen fish products among institutional buyers, famous restaurants, caterers and households consumers.

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  • The Evolution

    After four years of selling seafood raw materials in the Philippines, T-CHEF have seen the feasibility of creating products as good or even tastier & cheaper than the imported ones. Capitalizing on the use of locally source fresh produce & the well-known Taiwan Technology we came up with seafood based products that is exclusively carrying the brand “FRESH CATCH”.

    We have innovated products that will blend with local taste using imported seafood raw materials & local fresh produce namely:
    OMG ( Oh My Gulay)
    Special Squid Balls
    Veggie Nuggets
    Salmon Rolls
    Squid Steaks
    Radish Cake
    Carrot Cake

    Our products can be catered for hotels & restaurants, caterings, supermarkets & for home cooking.

    Our goal is to you bring high quality, nutritious products with cheaper & sustainable supply!


  • Populations that eat fish regularly live longer and have less chronic disease than populations that do not. Whether this is because fish displaces meat or because it has positive attributes of its own is not clear. Certainly, fish provides high-quality protein without the saturated fat present in meat and poultry. Recent research suggests that supplementing the diet with omega-3 fatty acids not only can reduce these risks but can also help treat depression, bipolar disorder, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Fish is, indeed, a brain food.